This week, I left for my first international trip– on my own. As I packed my bags and scrambled around with last-minute details, it made me realize something: you are never too old to need your mom. As much as I rolled my eyes at every “did you remember this?” and “don’t forget to do that,” it’s what moms are supposed to do. Checks, double checks, and the constant reminder to pack my carry-on with a few days’ worth of clothes in case of the dreaded luggage mishap spoke just as loudly as “I’ll miss you” or “I love you” without the tears those words would have prompted.

I left the day before Mother’s Day, which meant we didn’t have a chance to celebrate twenty years of exceptional motherhood. For me, every day is Mother’s Day, and getting ready to fly off to Italy was another chance to remember to appreciate the wonderful woman who not only gave me life, but who has given hers to make mine the best it can be. Without my mother, I would not have the confidence and drive to push myself to where I want to be (this time, that’s Florence). I would not have one of my best friends– someone to make fun of the cat with and someone to indulge in cake batter with as we wait for the spaghetti to cook. Six weeks away from home means I won’t have my Dancing With the Stars partner when the finale rolls around and we won’t have Patio Friday together, but that just means we’ll have that much more to do when I get back.

I don’t tell my mom enough how much I appreciate her. She is my biggest fan and one of the best people I know, and it’s easy to take for granted that she already knows because who doesn’t know how awesome “Sassy Sue” is? Even though I’m not going to be there to give her a big Mother’s Day hug, I’m sending one internationally to tide her over until I can give her one in person. So thanks for doting, double-checking, and insisting that I pack that extra pair of underwear, mom.

I love you too.


  1. …Such a precious message! I’m happy I was able to meet you (personally) before your trip. I look forward to reading your blogs. Enjoy yourself, hugs to you from campus; and I’ll even give your mom a hug when I see her! We’ll look after her for you.

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