Boyfriend is not a morning person. He can easily roll back over and get another hour or two of sleep after waking up, whereas I’m up before 9am most days. On the weekend, I’ll normally get up and make breakfast before going back to bed to snuggle for a while longer, but today was special. Today, I ran in to jump on the bed and wake Boyfriend up– but I had a good reason:



Today is our first snow of the season, and it’s a snow. The tree branches and balcony railings at Boyfriend’s apartment complex are covered– not dusted, covered— with fresh new snow, and it’s still coming down. When I went to bed, there wasn’t a flake in sight, but I woke up and bam, it’s a total winter wonderland!

The first snow is the most special snow of the entire year. It’s fresh and new and unmarred by leaking car engines and dog business. Falling snow is peaceful while it gathers on windowpanes and collects in snowball-fight-ready piles (which isn’t so peaceful when it’s being chucked at you, admittedly). There’s something very festive about the way Mother Nature sprinkles the landscape with white.

I don’t think I’m ever in the holiday spirit until the first snowflake hits the ground.


When the first snow hits, I don’t have to be grumpy about winter or cold weather or even snow in general. Because the first time it snows is the first time of the year when I can make snow angels and snowmen and have snowball fights. It lets me put my boots on over my penguin pajamas and be a five-year-old, running through fresh snowdrifts while Boyfriend and I take the dogs out. It reminds me that there is beauty and joy in the world, no matter what day of the year it is.

I told Boyfriend that at exactly 12:01pm we’ll be making a snowman because then it won’t be morning anymore and he can be as excited as I am. Stay tuned for a new chapter of fun winter adventures, courtesy of First Snow 2015!


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