process document 1 pdfprocess document 2 pdf | final orientation handbook pdf

Part of my job on the peer mentor program with the MSU College of Arts and Letters was to produce recruitment and informational materials for the college. I was tasked with redesigning and copyediting all material to produce the 2015-2016 Orientation Handbook, distributed to all first-year students during the summer orientation program.

I was given the mockup for the 2014-2015 handbook, and told to “freshen it up and make the design cleaner.” I began by editing through the existing content, cleaning up the language and adding new/updated content as necessary. From there, I evaluated how the existing design was working to determine the most effective way to reorganize the information. I also implemented MSU brand standards as necessary to maintain unity with the university brand. I participated in several meetings with supervisors to ensure that my design strategy was reflective of the college and university as a whole, using feedback as a way to strengthen my process further.

Skills used: InDesign, brand standards, research, copywriting, copyediting, teamwork/collaboration

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