practice bulletin pdf | september 2015 bulletin pdf | february/march 2016 bulletin pdf

I served as 2015-2016 bulletin editor for the Michigan State University chapter of Circle K International. It was my job to create monthly/bimonthly bulletins to keep Michigan district clubs and the local community informed about the month’s work and progress. I began my term as bulletin editor with essentially no direction; because our club has struggled to build membership, most of us on the board were on our own to figure things out.

The three bulletins I’ve chosen to include show my learning process – from the practice bulletin I made over the summer to the final bulletin I completed before passing responsibility to the new club editor. Through this process, I went from a one-page, free designed bulletin with one feature article to bulletins ranging anywhere from 8-12 pages that use Circle K/Kiwanis brand standards and a variety of articles to report club progress and events. I received the 2015-2016 Outstanding Club Editor and Outstanding Club Bulletin awards at the Circle K International Michigan District Convention for my work.

Skills used: InDesign, PowerPoint, brand standards, research and interviews, copywriting, copyediting, promotion and outreach

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